How to Install Concept SMD Sidemarkers by ORACLE (Corvette C6)

Today we look at how to install ORACLE’S Concept SMDPress in the ORACLE SMD sidemarker sidemarkers for the Chevy Corvette C6.  These stunning lights are available in three different styles, including clear, ghosted (stealth look), and clear / painted.  No matter which style you choose you will be blown away.  These sidemarkers look incredible an any C6!

FRONT:  Step 1 – Preparation for Sidemarker Access

1 – First, make room by turning the front wheel in the opposite direction.  If you are working on the passenger side of the vehicle, turn the wheel to the left and visa versa.front sidemarker installation 2 – Locate the tabs holding the fender well coverings in place and remove them using a flathead screwdriver. 3 – Gently pull the bumper away from the fender, which will reveal access to the front sidemarker.

FRONT:  Step 2 – Sidemarker Remoal & Installation

1 – Depress tab to release the sidemarker wAdding sidemarkerith flathead screwdriver. 2 – With the marker released, you can now unplug the harness. 3 – Plug in the new ORACLE Concept LED sidemarker and snap it back in to place.  It should fit perfectly in to place just like the factory sidemarker. 4 – Switch on the headlights to the parking light position to confirm that SMD lights are operational.

Rear:  Sidemarker Removal & Installation

1 – In rear wheel well, locate the bumper retainer screw and remove it using a 9/32″ socket.C6 Rear SMD sidemarker 2 – Gently pull bumper away from fender to expose access to the rear sidemarker. 3 – Pop rear sidemarker out, unplug, and install new SMD sidemarker in to place. 4 – Turn parking lights to “on” position to test lights and confirm they are working properly. Looking to order a set of sidermarker for your C6?  Visit our online store at for the lowest prices on ORACLE products anywhere.