Oracle Illuminated LED Wheel Rings

Oracle Illuminated LED Wheel Rings

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The mod everyone's been talking about is finally here!  Oracle's illuminated LED wheel rings are one of the hottest additions you can make to your car, truck or SUV.  Each ring illuminates the inside of the rim with the brightest most durable LED strip in the world.

Colors available: White, blue, red, green, amber, purple, pink, auqua or colorSHIFT (multi-color).

The kit includes detailed instructions and all of the hardware required for installation.  Each ring is designed to mount to the dust shield behind the brake rotor of your vehicle.  If you are looking for a lighting modification that will really turn heads, Oracle's LED wheel rings will give you the most bang for your buck.

Don't settle for cheap knock-off LED products that won't last.  Oracle is the leader in the LED automotive lighting industry because they produce the brightest, most durable, longest lasting lighting accessories period.

Product Specifications

  • Fits any vehicle with rotors under 15 inches in diameter
  • Mounting hardware and detailed instructions included
  • Includes waterproof / heat resistant Oracle LED strip
  • LED's will last for over 50,000 hours!
  • Mounts to brake rotor or drum dust shield
  • 15.5" wheel ring diameter
  • Operates at 12V DC
  • Fits around brake rotors
  • Full 1 year warranty

*Note: Standard wheel ring kits are designed to fit on vehicles with brake rotors under 15 inches in diameter.  If your vehicle has rotors larger than this, please contact us for a custom application (typicaly an additional $20 per kit).

What's Included with All Kits

  • (4) Corrosion proof metal rings equipped with genuine Oracle LED strips in the color of your choice
  • (1) Oracle LED Illuminated rocker switch
  • 3 corrosion proof aluminum mounting brackets per ring (12 total)
  • All bolts, nuts, and screws required to firmly secure each ring
  • Detailed installation instructions are included or can be downloaded here

What's Included with ColorSHIFT Kits

Each ColorSHIFT LED Wheel Ring kit comes with everything listed above, but a smart touch RGB multifunction remote replaced the LED rocker switch. The remote allows you to dial in the exact color / color sequence you want. Please view the video below to see the remote in action!

RGB ColorSHIFT LED Wheel Rings on a Chrsyler 300C

How to Install LED Wheel Rings

Smart Touch Remote (Included with ColorSHIFT Kits)

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