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  • Dodge Dart 2013 ORACLE Halo Headlight Kit
    Give your fancy Dodge Dart from 2013 a cool custom look with the use of the ideal ORACLE halo headlight kit. The ultra modern design with fine smooth curves can receive an extra touch of luxury with the beautiful bright halos, which are clearly visible both during the day and at night. You ..
  • Oracle Illuminated LED Wheel Rings
    The mod everyone's been talking about is finally here!  Oracle's illuminated LED wheel rings are one of the hottest additions you can make to your car, truck or SUV.  Each ring illuminates the inside of the rim with the brightest most durable LED strip in the world. Color..
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  • Oracle LED Strips
    Oracle's flexible LED strips are a simple yet sophistocated lighitng modification that is sure to turn heads.  The 100% waterproof strips are available in 36" and 15" applications, and can be installed easily anywhere on the interior or exterior of your vehicle including: H..