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If you are a car enthusiast, you are ready to do anything to make your vehicle more efficiently performing, safer and sleeker. The LED halo headlights can give you all of these benefits and more. They use a unique technology which makes them excellent performers in every respect. Use this guide to find out everything which you need to know about these car parts and the technology behind them.




The LED halo headlights consist of rings which are responsible for producing the light. Each ring is dotted with light-emitting diodes popularly known and LED lights. They have surface mounting which allows them to remain strongly attached while producing maximum illumination. They are mounted on a printed circuit board with computer aided design.


The typical circuit board has 5 or 6 layers. It is made to be strong and perfectly durable. It is resistant to pressure and impact. This is one of the major factors for the durability of the rings and of the headlights in general.


The standard light-emitting diodes produce white light with bluish undertones. It is very easily recognizable on the road. Given that they diodes are placed in a ring, a halo effect is created. This is where the name of the headlights comes from. Special tri-node diodes can be used for the rings as well. These are cable of producing light in many different colors from the classic green, red and blue to pink.


The LED halo headlights equipped with multiple color diodes use a switch technology. It enables the user to switch between colors with the click of a button. It is also possible to produce different lighting effects each of which is highly attractive. It is important to note that some colors produced by the headlights are illegal in certain states. This means that you cannot drive the car on the street with the headlights in these specific colors. Still, you can boast with them in any private area.


These headlights use 12-volt DC current to run. They are powered directly upon installation. No inverter or another device is required in order for them to operate. This allows for flawless operation. The installation of the headlights is easier as well. They are able to produce strong light while using little energy. This is highly beneficial for every automobile owner.


The direct powering and the design of the LED halo headlights make it possible for them to be controlled remotely. The remote control is readily available with the set. There are different controllers to select from. The ones which operate wirelessly and the sound activated models are among the most widely used ones. There are also models offering a high level of customization. The headlights with multiple color technology always come with a remote control which allows for easy switching between colors and special effects.


Capabilities and Benefits


The LED halo headlights emit very strong bright light. The light is clearly visible during the day as well as during the night. The light is also perfectly well focused. With these headlights, you can expect excellent road visibility irrespective of the weather conditions outside. They will show you the way even in the darkest night and even during thick fog or pouring way. The bright focused light allows for a higher level of safety and this is always an important benefit to have.


The headlights and more specifically the rings with light-emitting diodes are highly resistant to pressure and impact. This allows for great durability. The headlights are less likely to get damaged or broken. This means less hassle and more savings for the car owner.


The energy-efficiency of the headlights is a major benefit which should not be underestimated. The fact that they use little power not only saves you money. It lowers the risk of unexpected malfunctioning and road emergencies.


One of the best things about the LED halo headlights is that they have a useful life of approximately 60 000 hours. Given that most people use their vehicles for no more than three or four hours every day, the headlights can last for decades. In fact, they will most probably outline the car which they are installed on.


These headlights look amazing due to the sleek looks of the rings, the bright white light and the design with smooth free-flowing curves. They can make any car look classy and sophisticated. This is surely a great benefit.


LED vs. CCFL vs. Plasma Technology


The technology which the LED halo headlights are based on has two rivaling technologies. It is worth looking how it compares to them. This will help you get a better understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each technology.


CCFL stands for cold cathode fluorescent lighting. This technology is the oldest of all used for making halo headlights. Each ring is made from a fluorescent tube which is perfectly round. The CCFL models have a useful life comparable to those of their LED counterparts. It is approximately 50 000 hours. Their major drawback is that they are a lot less bright.


The plasma halo headlights use LED crystallized circuit board technology. This is a solid-state LED lighting technology. In this technology, numerous semiconductors are in contact with the circuit board. In this way, the whole circuit board is fully illuminated. In this way, the plasma headlights do not have the dotted illumination typical for the LED models. At the same time, they have superb brightness and a useful life of around 100 000 hours. They are the most expensive of all three options.


Availability, Cost and Installation


Some of the latest car models and especially the ones produced by European brands come equipped with LED halo headlights directly from the manufacturer. However, these car parts are readily available separately as well. You can find headlights compatible with virtually any car model.


The headlights have an adhesive tape back which allows for easy installation. DIY installation is possible but for safety purposes, it is best if it is done by professional. When it comes to cost, it varies depending on the design, features and capabilities of the different models. Most sets cost between $100 and $300.


You now know the most important things about LED halo headlights.